C&I Energy Storage is used for the energy management of commercial and industrial enterprises

C&I Energy Storage

C&I Energy Storage System
560V 560Ah 315KWh

The solar power storage systems is used as a power charging station in commercial or industrial applications. It supports PV charging access and outputs three-phase AC380V power with an output power of 150kw. The design

C&I Energy Storage System
20-feet Air-cooled cabinet solar power storage systems

20-feet Air-cooled cabinet (solar power storage systems) Feature and Application: Battery Modular design, distributed cooling design, better temperature control.  Configuration of flammable gas detection, early w

C&I Energy Storage System
372KWh Liquid-cooled Cabinet

Feature and Application: Intelligent liquid-cooled temperature control, reduce system auxiliary power consumption. Configure the local control and remote monitoring platform. System running data analysis, intelligent t