Off Grid 51.2V 100Ah 5KWh All-in-one ESS Battery with Inverter CE ULCertified

Off Grid 5KWh All-in-one ESS Battery with Inverter Certified by CE UL

This Off-Grid type All-in-one ESS Battery with Inverter combines a 5KWh/10KWh energy storage battery and an off-grid AC 230V 5kw inverter. The battery module is a lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4 technology) with high safety and high reliability. The output voltage for the pure sine wave inverter is AC230V, and it can support photovoltaic access at the same time, very convenient for users to install and maintain.  

All-in-one ESS Battery with Inverter
Battery Technical Specification

No. Item Specification Remarks
1 Battery Pack 16S1P Cell 105Ah
2 Energy 10.24kwh  
3 Rated Capacity 100Ah@25℃ 0.3C  
4 Minimal Capacity 98Ah@25℃ 0.3C  
5 Rated Voltage 51.2V  
6 Charge Voltage 57.6V  
7 Charge Mode CC/CV  
8 Discharge Cut Off Voltage 46.4V  
9 Rated Charge Current 75A @25℃  
10 Max Charge Current 100A @25℃  
11 Rated Discharge Current 75A  
12 Max Discharge Current 100A  
13 Internal Resistance ≤30mΩ @AC 1kHz  
14 Working Temperature Charge:0℃ to 45℃
Discharge:-20℃ to 55℃
Storage:0℃ to 40℃
15 Communication RS485  
16 Screen LCD Screen  
17 Shell Material Stainless steel  
18 Dimensions 1100*520*195 (L*W*H)
19 Weight ≈100kg  
20 Protection Class IP21  
21 Safety Certificate UN38.3/MSDS/UL  

Inverter Specification

No. Item Technical Parameters Remarks
1 AC Input Voltage 220V/230Vac EU standard
/ Off grid
2 AC Input Voltage Range APL DG model:90Vac-280Vac;
UPS City Power:170Vac-280Vac;
3 AC Charge Current Max 60A  
4 AC Charge Efficiency >95%  
5 Conversion time (bypass and inversion) 10mS  
6 Output voltage wave pure sine wave  
7 AC output rated voltage 230Vac  
8 Rated output power 5000W  
9 Peak power 10000VA  
10 Maximum efficiency 92%  
11 No-load power consumption ≤50W  
12 PV input voltage range 60-145Vdc  
13 Maximum PV input current 50A  
14 Maximum PV input power 4400W  
15 Maximum PV charging current 80A  
16 Rated battery input voltage 48V  
17 Battery voltage range 40Vdc-60Vdc  
18 Wi-Fi Module Optional  
19 Safety Certificate CE/EN61000/UL  

BMS Specification 

IItem Test item Specifications Units
Voltage Over charge detection voltage 3.65 3.70 3.75 V
Over charge protection delay time 500 1000 2000 mS
Over charge detection release voltage 3.40 3.45 3.50 V
Over discharge detection voltage 2.450 2.500 2.550 V
Over discharge protection delay time 500 1000 2000 mS
Over discharge detection Release voltage 2.650 2.700 2.750 V
Current Over discharge current detection 110 120 130 A
Over discharge protection delay time 800 1000 1500 mS
Continuous charging current -- 100 -- A
Continuous discharge current -- 100 -- A
Short protection Short-circuit protection delay time 200 330 800 uS
Short circuit protection recovery Disconnect load
Equilibrium function Equilibrium voltage 3.425 3.45 3.475 V
Equalizing current 30 mA
Interior resistance / / 10 20 mR
Temperature Working temperature -20   60
Storage temperature -40   65

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